About Us

Mississippi Valley Equipment was established in 2002. Starting with a tool box and beat up pickup truck, we had a 200 square foot shop space and an old camper for an office. Growing into a shop

with over 5,000 sq feet a real office and show room. We weathered the great 08 housing bubble, barely, and still are the factory rep. sales and service center for all of the brands you see listed on this site. 10+ years

prior service for such entities as RSC and Mississippi Valley Contractors Equipment, we are uniquely postioned to offer the best prices on new machines and the very best in value parts and service.

Our show room and parts inventory grows yearly and while we cannot stock machines like the giant box stores, we offer fast shipping and the best prices in the area, and in many cases the best prices in the US.

Call or stop in, visit us on the web. Let us give you a price for any brand item, large or small, from any of the multiple manufacturers we represent. You will be glad you did. .           


Mississippi Valley Equipment     •     2819 Larson St.     •     La Crosse, WI 54603     •     800-262-2193